Trans-Web is a leading UK manufacturer of Webbing Lifting Slings, Lashings,Height Safety Equipment, Kits and Accessories, as well as bespoke specialistLifting Systems.

Our reputation for unbeatable quality and first class customer service is highly valued by our long-standing customer base of UK distributors.

Trans-Web is particularly well known for its expertise in the design and manufacture of textile lifting systems, in addition to its range of webbing lifting slings including endless Round Slings and flat Webbing Slings. Cargo Control is taken care of with our range of Lashing Systems including all types ofRatchet Straps, Load Restraints and Cargo nets.

The latest addition to our growing business follows significant research, development and testing. Our Height Safety Equipment range includes Safety Harnesses, Lanyards, Safety Lines and Fall Arrest Systems for protection against falling from heights.


Trans-Web manufactures a complete range lifting equipment, including textile slings and sling protection, tested to the latest standards. This includes Webbing Slings, Round Slings and Multi-leg sling assemblies.


Trans-Web’s broad range of load securing products accommodate all types of tie-down applications.

Systems can vary from 25mm for lightweight applications such as roof rack straps to 75mm wide for securing plant and equipment on low loaders etc. The type and strength of the system will vary according to the load and the distribution of weight.


Trans-Web specialises in the design and manufacture of a range of height safety equipment, which together covers the majority of fall arrest situations. A wealth of experience and a long-standing reputation for excellence means Trans-Web is considered a leader in this field.

Trans-Web’s Height safety equipment includes a range of safety harnesses, which have been tested and approved up to 130kg to offer protection from falls from height. These comfortable, quality harnesses can be used in conjunction with a range of Trans-Web’s own safety lanyards, anchor fittings and anchor slings as well as Safety Lines and fall arrest systems. Everything you might need for working at heights.